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Providing the Reins of Command - In Emergencies

Region 8
Colorado, Montana, North Dakota
South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming

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Welcome to the AF MARS Region 8 web site.

AFA8JD / AFR8C Region MARS Director

AFA8SO /AFD8C Deputy Region MARS Director

Please check our pages for on-going updates.

(14 February 2017 @ 1805 Zulu)
Region 8 HF Net Schedule in XLS format (spreadsheet).
Due to some shared frequencies, the Region 10 Net Schedule Rev H, in XLS format (spreadsheet) is available for coordination purposes.

(16 October 2030 Zulu)
Region Billets

Congradulation to the following stations on their Billet assignment:

AFA8SO - Deputy Region MARS Director

AFA8RG - Region Training Manager

AFA8TP - Region VHF Coordinator

Volunteers are needed to fill the following vacent Region Billets:

  • Records Manager
  • Exercise Coordinator
  • Digital Network Manager
  • Voice Network Manager
  • Technical Services Manager
  • If you are interested in being assigned to any of these Billets, please send the Region Director your MARS Resume listing your qualifications. Refer to MOI section 1.5, starting on page 16 for the Billet duties and responsibilities. These Billets need to filled as soon as possible!

    The Daylight/Standard Time change information page has been updated to include the years 2020-2025.

    Webmaster note: Additional information will be posted as it changes, or becomes available.

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