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Join the USAF MARS. Download the AF MARS Application ZIP file.
This ZIP file contains both the application and the application guidelines PDF files.

  • Send your completed application to your State Mars Director (SMD), NOT to the address shown on the form.

  • Region 8 SMD information is on the Contact page.

  • Contact the Webmaster if your not in regionn 8 and need your State MARS Director's information.
  • (22 September 2016)
    Fldigi Help File in PDF format.

    Many of you using Fldigi are off-frequency, some by only a few hertz and some up to several hundred hertz, even when your waterfall is showing you are centered on 1,500 Hz. To prevent this, you should calibrated your system.

    Download the help file and go to section 6.4 Digiscope Display - WWV mode on page 260 for instructions on how to calibrate the offset of the sound card oscillator. Once calibrated, you should be correctly centered on frequency.

    Reading this section, it sounds like it could be difficult, but it's really very easy and highly recommended for both MARS and Amateur operations. When we use the TxID and RxID, the frequency and mode can automatically change to the frequency and mode the transmitting station is using. Also, being properly calibrated stops the frequency hopping following each other up or down the waterfall.

    Digital Communications How to get started guide for MARS members in PDF format.

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